Anne E. Carpenter

Principal Investigator

Institute Scientist

Senior Director of the Imaging Platform

Shantanu Singh

Principal Investigator

Senior Group Leader

I lead the image-based profiling team. We develop machine learning and statistical methods to create fingerprints of genes, chemicals, and diseases from microscopy images of cells.
john arevalo

John Arévalo

Postdoctoral Associate

I am interested in the application of machine learning methods to uncovering causes and treatments for disease using heterogeneous biological data.


Michael Bornholdt

Visiting Graduate Student

I am a graduate student working as part of the image-based profiling team. I will investigate machine learning and statistical methods to minimize and overcome the batch effect for different Cell...

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Marzieh Haghighi

Postdoctoral Associate

I’m eager to apply my training in machine learning and signal processing to build the tools needed for the next generation of diagnostics/therapies.
Yu Han

Yu Han

Postdoctoral Associate

As a computational neuroscientist with backgrounds in neuroimaging (e.g., MRI, fMRI, EEG) and artificial intelligence (e.g., deep learning, neural networks, machine learning), I work at the...

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Ruifan Pei

Visiting Graduate Student

I am currently studying for a master's degree in computer science at Georgia Tech, and interning at the Bayer-Broad Precision Cardiology Lab. My research involves applying data driven methods to...
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